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Sherry Hallemeier

Passions Photography by s.hallemeier

Troy, MO


Purple is Passion and Passion is my s.hallemeier

Hi, my name is Sherry and I am a wife to a wonderful husband of 29 years, a mother to two grown children and a very proud grandmother to a beautiful baby girl. My passions are photography, creating art, boating and just being on the lake. I am the owner and photographer of Passions-Photography by s.hallemeier and now have my own personal website and on line store as lists below. My art has received awards, won contests and have been featured on websites including Fine Art America. Please, all art and photography are copyright protected from including but not limited to downloads, copies, duplications, borrowing etc. and require written authorization to be used in any way. I welcome any constructive critism, advice or information that anyone has as it has already helped me considerably in becoming who I am today. My camera of choice is a Canon Rebel EOS T1i, I love creating still life art and have just completed an in home studio. Please visit my website for more art -http://www.passions-photography by s.hallemeier

All artwork on this website is copyright protected. Please feel free to view the artwork at no cost, however using the artwork for any purpose, without permission including but not limited to digital downloads, image downloads, copying, pasting, marketing, personal use, etc. is NOT allowed. Please contact me if you would like special permission and thank you in advance for adhering to this matter.


My Special One Of A Kind


Deep in Love


The Rose of Love


Vintage Trunk Latch


Vintage Grape Place Setting


Waiting For Him to Come Home


Seeing Tuscan by Candlelight


Hand Painted Wine Glasses Grapes and More Grapes


The Beauty of Tulips in Black and White


The Beauty of Tulips


Pitchers by the Window in Black and White


Pitchers and Flowers by the Window


Precious Fruit Bowl


Special Thoughts


A Sketch of a Rose


The Beauty of Lilies


The Hidden Lilly


Single Again


A Stem of Beautiful Blue Orchids


The Glass Rose


Cala Lilies in Black and White


Tulips From the Garden


Wine and Fruit in B and W


Vintage Glass Grapes


Something Blue